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Stacy Corbo Towel Treasures's Facebook profile
Let's Be Friends!

  Surround Yourself With Good Friends & Good Chocolate!
 ~Stacy "The Towel Gal"
Hi There! Welcome To The Magically Unique World
Of The Smile For Awhile Company Ideas
aka...Planet TSFACI - (Pronounced TZ-FA-KEY)
On This Planet We Believe In Good Ole' Fashion
Gratefulness! It's Time To Bring Positive Back.
I Am Looking To Be-Friend The Best Of The Best To
Complete My Mission Of Making Everyone Smile For Awhile.
If You Are Reading This... It's Your Turn!

Hi, My name is Stacy "The Towel Gal".  I am the owner of The Smile For Awhile Company Ideas and creator of Magically Unique Designed Towel Art. Up until I got the title of "The Towel Gal", most all of my friends called me Sassy. I have been through many trials and have always come up blessed. To be honest, I think I am still just a little girl inside filled with too much sugar and too much spice! Many people have said that I remind them of Molly Shannon. I must confess that I can do a pretty good "SUPERSTAR!". I am an expert at making people smile for awhile. It makes me smile for awhile!

I have been told that "I am in my own little world most of the time", so with the help of my
dear friend Steve Bottiglieri "The Munk", who is an online New York Jets reporting villain,, I decided to create my own planet, Planet TSFACI. A place
where I could escape to smile for awhile myself. A place where negativity, doubt, fear and
failure weren't allowed. Where everything was fresh, fun and caused me to Smile for Awhile.

We are living through some difficult situations so I have decided to step up and do my part to
try and bring positive back. We are all God's children and we need each other. I have been
given the gift for creating magically unique gifts that actually make you stop and smile for awhile. For the last 5 years, my entire family and awesome friends have helped me create
an amazing line of handcrafted items. I am excited and grateful to share them with you.

My mission is to make everyone that I meet Smile For Awhile and to surround myself,
be-friend and network with anyone who is way better than I am, in all areas of life.
Business wise, I would love to talk with creative people with expertise in the Manufacturing,
Marketing and Distribution of Unique Products. My creations have a special magic in them.
They are created with wisdom from above and tons of love.

I encourage you to visit each of the special divisions of The Smile For Awhile Company Ideas. ~ All Occasion Magically Unique Designed Towel Art ~ The Children's Division ~ The Original Golf Ball Dog ~ Award Winning Magically Unique Towel Snowmen ~ The Forever Towel Rose ~ For Women Only Fun

I love hearing from you and appreciate any and all suggestions or comments.
I pray that The Smile For Awhile Company Ideas will touch the hearts and lives of God's
people and bring a since of year round joy across this Great Country. We Are Truly
One Nation Under God ~ Indivisible.

It's Nice To Meet You! Email Me At

God Is Here. Thank You For Your Support...Many Blessings, Stacy



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The Following People Have Stood By Me Through Thick & Thin.
Without Them, I Would Have Never Had The Courage, Strength or Confidence
To Introduce Myself And My Magically Unique Gifts To You.
They Make Me Smile For Awhile And I Am Grateful Every Day For Them.

  Our Magically Unique Gifts Are Handcrafted With Wisdom From Above & Tons of Love.
We Give Thanks To God For All of His Blessings. This Site Is Dedicated To Our Son Master Ricky Who Continually Makes Us Smile For Awhile!
†™The Smile For Awhile Company Ideas ~Patent Pending Towel Treasures-Patent PuttingPooch 08 Patent # D48787