Frequently Asked Questions And Smile For Awhile Answers!




Question: Do Your Items Come Apart? Can you re-use the towels?
    Answer: No.
Our designed towel art creations are made much like a stuffed animal
but are way more delicate. They are created by design for decoration and are not
for use as a toy. The only product that can be created to re-use is our designed towel cakes
if requested.

We do create all of the magically unique new baby gifts for re-use. You can find these
products under the Terry Tails Children's Division
  Question: Is there a product guarantee if something should happen in shipping?
    Answer: Your satisfaction is our top priority. If for any reason you do not Smile For Awhile
when you receive our products. Please contact us at or Call 561.282.6222.
We will personally see to it that your frown is turned upside down.
  Question: Do you have an affiliate program?
    Answer: It is in progress. Email us if you would like us to put your logo on our page at
  Question: Do you drop ship your products?
    Answer: Yes.
If you are interested in our drop shipping program please email us at
  Question: Are you affiliated with the cruise ships? We had towel animals on our beds on our cruise.
    Answer: No. (But we love to cruise!)
The animals that are created for you on cruise ships, hotels etc. are called Origami.
The art of Origami has awed people for centuries and we Love it too!
The Smile For Awhile Company Ideas handcrafts Magically Unique Designed Towel Art.
Our products are created to stay together, much like a stuffed animal but not for use as a toy.
Every item is designed with wisdom from above and tons of love.
They have a special magical ingredient which may cause you to Smile For Awhile!
  Question: Do you give quantity discounts for events or occasions?
    Answer: Yes
We love having our products at your special events or occasions.
We will do our best to absolutely make you and every guest smile for awhile.
  Question: How long does it take to create each item and receive them if shipped?
We create every product under The Smile For Awhile Company Ideas with wisdom
from above and tons of love. Every single item is designed especially for you.
We do our best to have customized items to you within one week. There are exceptions
at times. We are consistently striving to create magically unique items that will blow
people minds and make everyone who sees them stop and smile for awhile!
    Still Have Questions? Email Us at or Call Us at 531.351.9955